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Makeup Application 85

Makeup Lesson and Application 125

First Time Teen Makeup 60

Bridal and Bridal Party-Price upon request

Strip Lashes 25

Cluster Lashes 35

OFBB Signature Facial          85       50 mintues            

This treatment starts with a gentle cleansing, exfoliation with enzymes, steam, facial massage with essential oils, and finishes with a soothing mask and moisturizer.  Bring back your healthy glow.

Rosacea/Sensitive Facial - Glycolic Acid Treatment          110      50 minutes     

Your skin will be desensitized and decongested while effectively relieving rosacea, blotchiness and discomfort. (Rosacea/Sensitive)

Anti Aging Collagen Facial - Collagen building & skin brightening       110     50 min

This facial treatment uses powerful ingredients to stimulate collagen production, highly nourish and rejuvenate the skin with a treatment mask.  The skin will be radiant with a youthful glow, reduced fine lines and wrinkles.   Home care regimen available. 

(Mature or dehydrated skin) 

Acne Defense Facial - AHA salicylic mask          110     50 minutes  

This treatment helps modulate oil secretions and shed plugs through exfoliation, while calming the skin with essential hydration.  A silicone mask forces toxins to burn off out to the epidermis.  The nutrients from the skincare is then driven into the dermal layer where treatment begins. 

Young Adult Facial          75      50 minutes            90      65  minutes (with extractions)

This treatment is designed for teens 17 and under to help maintain balance, unclog pores, smooth and rehydrate their young faces. 

Specialty Lunchtime Facials          60    30 minutes      


Anti Aging


OFBB Lunchtime Facial          40     30 minutes

Customized to your skin type, a refreshing 30 minutes of cleansing, exfoliating, masque and moisturizer.

Add Ons:                

LED Light Therapy   25

*Most effective with any facial or twice a week individually

Red - increases circulation , collagen regeneration, flushes toxins, calms rosacea

Blue - kills bacteria causing acne

Green - improves skin metabolism, lightens spots and scars, stress relief

Blue/Green - wound healing, scar reduction, pain relief, rosacea

High Frequency - 25

The HF treatment stimulates aging skin, regulates oily skin, wrinkle reduction through high frequency current.  It does not cause muscular contractions - instead it works on toning principle.  Great for bacterial control for acneic skin.  Kills the germs deep in the dermis that cause breakouts.

1 Tan           30               

3 Tans         80               

5 Tans         115             

10 Tans       225             

Monthly     85               

*monthly tanning packages require a 3 month minimum 

Teen Tan   25

13-18 years old

*Processing time of 8 hours recomended after spray 

Brow Sculpting - first time 25

Brow 10

Brow Tweeze 25

Lip 7

Chin 7

Facial Sides 15

Underarm 25

Stomach Line 15

Full Arm 45

Half Arm 30

Bikini Line 35

Full Leg 65

Half Leg 40

Toes 7

Lash 25

Brow 20

Semi Permenant Lash Lift / Curl 40

Up and Up Do 75

Down and Dirty 65

Blowout 40

Little Daisy Do 25

(Girls 10 and under)



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Lash /Brow Tinting

Lash Lift

Hair Styling


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