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When your career stems from your passion, it usually starts early in life. Voula's love of style and fashion led her to her first job at a makeup counter in Harrisburg, PA at the age of 16.

"Everything we do in life is an expression of ourselves," says Voula.  "I was fascinated with the power that makeup has, to help us highlight the things we love about ourselves.  Makeup expresses our mood, our outlook and our view of ourselves.  I have always loved helping people express themselves and be themselves through makeup and fashion."

Voula's philosophy matched that of renowned makeup artist Kevyn Aucoin, who was revolutionizing the industry by introducing and incorporating a broad spectrum of base colors to accentuate each persons skin tone.

Voula studied under Kevyn Aucoin and went on to develop a celebrity clientele base that took her to New York runways, Los Angeles red carpet events, tv shows and special events around the world.  She was a National Artist for Prescriptives and CHANEL and has worked with a wide range of products and techniques - including high definition Air Brush Makeup.

In her Malvern studio, Voula brings her knowledge and expertise to each and every client. She works with each client one on one  from makeup, hair styling, waxing, specialized facials and body bronzing to help her clients develop the look that best represents them.

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